ENTerritorio´s Social Policy

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The National Company of Promoting Territorial Development (ENTerritorio) is the technical organism of the Planning Sector of Colombia’s Government to accompany municipalities and departments in the development of strategic projects with high social impact, such as roads, aqueducts, housing, buildings, schools, enterprises and other tasks that will generate an extensive development and employment.

The Entity works to become the main structuring of projects to be financed with resources from the General System of Royalties (SGR). We work to be operationally sustainable and our objective is to strengthen the technical capacity to manage, evaluate and structure projects in all sectors, allowing to have more efficient processes in all regions.


ENTerritorio is an organization committed with the country’s development through alliances with public or private entities focus at structuring and executing strategic projects aimed to transforming lives for the benefit of territorial entities and regions.


ENTerritorio seeks to be the generator of the socioeconomic development of the country and its regions, by being recognized as the most effective structuring and execution of strategic projects in the nation.


ENTerritorio, mains purpose is to be an agent in any of the stages of the cycle of development projects, through the preparation, financing and administration of studies, and the preparation, financing, administration and execution of development projects in any of its stages.

Quality policies

ENTerritorio, is committed to satisfy the needs of its clients, through the structuring and execution of projects, in accordance with the policies of the National Government and the strengthening of the regions. Continuously improving its quality management with efficiency and effectiveness. Supported by an interdisciplinary team focused on transforming lives.